Types of wood, variation and custom-made products

In addition to my tools in the standard version in walnut with brass parts, you can also customize all tools individually.

I would be happy to make you a personal offer.


All handles and shapes are available from many variety of woods,

you can also send me your own wood.

I have the following woods in stock ready for processing:


Apple (currently very limited)


Service Tree



Olive Ash

Plane Tree

Curly Ash


Bird's Eye Maple

I also kept preparing small amounts of special woods.

These include local specialties such as:

Masur Birch

Bog elm

As well as many other local burl woods from Limewood to Poplar and Elm.

Exotic woods such as Boxwood, Ebony, Santos Rosewood or Sapele can be supplied from certified sources at short notice.

The additional metal parts are available in the following materials.

Brass (CuZn39Pb3)

Cast bronze (CuSn12-C)

German silver (CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2)

Titanium (grade II)

Here, titanium stands out as a very strong and at the same time incredibly light material.

If you could not find what you are looking for in the among the tools I offer here, I will be happy to manufacture handles or tools according to your shapes and ideas.