Branding irons for individual signing your work.

Branding irons offer an effective way to permanently mark wood, leather and paper. A marking by burning in is durable, indelible and free of chemicals, therefore ideal for furniture, cutting boards and many other utensils. Below you will find all the information you need to order your personal branding iron.

While developing my branding irons, I limited myself to the essential. A solid brass stamp is paired with a robust tool steel shaft and a high-quality walnut handle.

I make my branding irons without an electric heater, so you can work from anywhere, there are also no costs for the electric unit and the control technology. Instead, you can heat my branding iron conveniently with a simple blowtorch, or if needed, on a campfire.

My branding irons are characterized by excellent craftmanship and also by small details such an arrow on the top of the brass iron. This shows you how to hold the branding iron and avoids false stamps.

The 15mm thick brass iron stores the heat for a long time and enables many markings without constant reheating of the stamp. In addition, the brass alloy of the stamp ensures fast heating due to its good thermal conductivity.

I make your branding iron in two steps:

1. I print from your sketch or vector-graphic a much larger stencil on my 3D printer. This print will be archived by me after completion and enables me to offer you further formats and replacement irons at a very nice price.

2. On one of my pantograph engraving machines I mill your branding iron in the desired size into the solid brass blank. Then I cut it to length, engrave the arrow on the upper side and cut the mounting thread.

Each of my branding irons comes with a beautifully turned walnut handle and a good dimensioned holding bar with counter nut.

To create the template I need your design preferably as a vector-graphic. But it is also possible to send the design as Jpeg or PDF. This may result in additional costs for the conversion of large graphics.

I also create branding iron according to your sketch.

As basic types I offer the following variants:

#001 Round iron with a diameter of 25mm

Price: 149,00€

#002 Rectangular iron with a height of 20mm and a width of max. 40mm

Price: 149,00€

#003 Rectangular iron with a height of 25mm and a width of max. 50mm

Price: 159,00€

All branding irons includes a walnut handle with brass ferrule. Prices incl. VAT plus shipping.

This includes also the production costs of the template as well as the programming costs for simple designs.

Many other sizes and forms are possible at any time, please ask.

I would be pleased to make you an individual offer for your personal branding iron.

Simply send me your wishes and specifications via e-mail: