Dear customers,

I would like to briefly inform you about changes in my company due to the increasing COVID-19 crisis.

Since my suppliers are also reacting to the situation, there are unfortunately sometimes bottlenecks in the supply of material. So one or the other delivery promise will unfortunately shift somewhat. Please excuse this. In addition, I can´t give exact delivery times for all international orders at the moment.

But I can now also announce that after 9 months I can finally send shipments to the United States again.

At the moment the freight traffic is carried out by sea, so unfortunately there are transit times of +30 days and I can´t guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Update: 03.Nov.2021: My productionlist for shipping in time for christmas is closed this year due to the high demand over the last couple of days. New orders will be proceed in the normal way, but the shipping date will be mid december.

I thank you for your trust and understanding.

Stay healthy!

Matthias Fenner

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